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Maureen Tanai and her husband, Thomas Tanai have been TB test cleared, immunized, and fingerprinted through the state of California, Community Care Licensing Division.  Maureen maintains Pediatric CPR and First Aid certification within a two year period. She has also taken a Preventative Health and Safety class to fulfill licensing requirements.


As a young child, Maureen loved to be the teacher and mommy when playing with her brother and cousins. In high school, Maureen tutored her cousin, who was also in high school. She taught catechism to fifth graders, and a couple years or so later, to fourth graders. She loved to make booklets, games, and develop learning plans for children. 

A few years after that, Maureen had her first child. She began babysitting at Echo church in San Jose with her son. She also nannied a family with two school aged children. Maureen volunteered as a participating parent at her son's parent participation preschool, and Loved it! Maureen developed her modular curriculum, which was tried and tested with her oldest son, and adapted throughout the years with children she taught and cared for.

Maureen had her second child, and spent a year to be a SAHM. She began working on obtaining her small home childcare license when he turned one year old. 

Maureen provided licensed home childcare services in Milpitas from May 2016 - December 2019. She moved to Elk Grove in January. After unpacking, Covid came along. In July, Maureen decided to adapt her preschool pre-k program to be virtual. It was a lot of work, but it was totally worth it! It made the virtual program even more efficient, and will make the in-person program even more efficient and organized as well (which is tricky to do with personalized programs). 

Maureen has over fifteen years of teaching and childcare experience. She is trained in Positive Reinforcement, and Empathy based parenting. She enjoys looking up the latest research regarding child development and best practices.

She studies child development textbooks in her free time, so she can be thorough, and absorb the material properly.