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What You Need

1.  How many children do you watch at a time?
The California ratio for licensed small home childcare facilities is 1:6 and I have this ratio for children ages 2.5 - 5. 

California's ratio is 1:8 if two children in the ratio are school aged. I have this ratio for children ages 4 - 12.

The child capacity is 8 children, however my own children don't count in the ratio if they are age 10 or older, and the ratio only applies to children in which I'm providing care and supervision. So for example, if I have a teenage assistant or volunteer, they wouldn't count in my ratio.

3.  Can you provide full time care for my child when they have a break or day off from school?
Yes!  I offer Camps for week long closures!  If you need back up care for a day, such as a teacher in-service day or minimum day, check out the Drop in/Back up care program.

4.  Can you babysit for date nights?
Yes!  I'm open until 11 pm Sundays - Thursdays, and I'm open until Midnight on Fridays and Saturdays. Remember to bring your child's pajamas, toothbrush, and labeled toothpaste. 

5.  Do you provide a sibling discount?
I offer a family rate for drop in/back up care. For the other programs, I spend quite a bit on materials/subscriptions/supplies, field trip costs, etc, and unfortunately I'm not given a sibling discount to be able to pass the lower cost onto families.

6.  What are your methods of payment?
I take Google Pay for all programs. 

7.  Do you take vacation days or sick days?

Me- Fees don’t apply while I take any time off for personal reasons, vacations, recover from illness, or care for a family member with an illness. Those days or weeks will be refunded through Google Pay, or simply not be accounted for in Kinderlime.

You- The fees remain the same when children are absent for whatever reason. The subscriptions I purchase for children, the rent, insurances, van payment, etc. will still charge me the same amount regardless of whether children attend or not.