It’s not difficult to get accepted to Kindergarten Prep and Beyond. Simply be a family that seems kind and respectful.

1. Click here to submit your information to receive the registration packet for the Virtual Preschool/Pre-K Program.

2. I'll send the registration packet through DocuSign. 

3. Pay the tuition through Google Pay, or Kinderlime/Procare. I process registration after payment.

4. Follow the steps in the Welcome email in order. The entire program and registration process is self-paced. 

Do you know which program you would like to register for? Apply today.

Do you need help? Text me: 650-450-0851


There is no special license that exists for online programs. Kindergarten Prep and Beyond used to be licensed by community care licensing when services were offered from home. Licenses are location based. It was turned in upon moving from the Bay Area to Elk Grove. We moved to Elk Grove a couple months before the pandemic, and didn't reapply for in person services. We plan to reapply after everyone living in the home gets vaccinated for Covid. The records attached to the old location are available for download below. Here is the website to look up licensed facilities: