It’s not difficult to get accepted to Kindergarten Prep and Beyond. Simply be a family that seems kind and respectful.

1. Click here to submit your information to receive the registration packet for the Virtual Preschool/Pre-K Program.

2. I'll send the registration packet through DocuSign. 

3. Pay the fees through Google Pay, or Kinderlime/Procare. 

Do you know which program you would like to register for? Apply today.

Do you need help? Text me: 650-450-0851


Kindergarten Prep and Beyond is license exempt at this time. That means I don't provide childcare services to more than one family other than my own at a given time to have a license required. This is basically babysitting in my home. I am not providing group childcare services. I used to have a licensed small home childcare facility. My records are available for download below. Here is the website to look up licensed facilities: 


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