It’s not difficult to get accepted to Kindergarten Prep and Beyond. Simply be a family that seems kind and respectful.

1. Click here to Apply.

2. If there's an opening, I'll contact you for an interview. Feel free to text me for the status.

3. If it seems like a good fit, I'll send the registration packet through DocuSign. It's important to read the contract/policy handbook thoroughly and word for word since it will directly impact the quality of your experience and relationship with Kindergarten Prep and Beyond.

4. Pay the one time lifetime registration fee through Google Pay. It can take up to 48 hours to process registration after everything has been completely filled out and turned in.

5. After registration is completed, we will set the start date to begin asap. There is a three week trial period in which the a two week notice requirement won't apply. 

Do you know which program you would like to register for? Apply today.

Do you need help? Text me: 650-450-0851


As of 1/2020, Kindergarten Prep and Beyond is license exempt. That means I don't provide childcare services to more than one family other than my own at a given time to have a license required. I used to have a licensed small home childcare facility. My records are available for download below. Here is the website to look up licensed facilities: I provide a list of regulations that I choose to continue to follow, at the tour/interview. I also list the ones that either don't apply, doesn't fit with my family's needs, or doesn't make sense, along with explanations.


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