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What You Need

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A Perfect Fit

3 Options:

1. Drop Off - Drop off your child each day

2. Parent Participation - Work one day/week, or volunteer on an as needed basis on a barter arrangement.

3. Parent and Child - Shadow your child to provide the extra support they may need.

Days and Times TBD based on Waiting List demand.

Personalized Learning -

Each child receives a personalized learning plan. We don't want children wasting their time "learning" skills they already know. Learning is concise and efficient.

Parent/Caregiver Presence -

Parents/Caregivers will be involved in their child's journey. This extra support for their child makes a world of difference. Plus, it's also fun for the adults. :)

Indoor Play -

Take advantage with the variety of toys we have to offer. It's more fun to play with toys (and learn from toys) with friends. I do observations at times to see how children are learning and growing. I see what I need to teach.

Outdoor Play -

We visit Elk Grove's amazing parks. Children are happy and excited to visit the different parks with their friends.

  Field Trips -

We attend a variety of field trips on any weekday or weekend. Field Trips are optional, but encouraged. Exploring and experiencing at field trips is a great way for children to learn, and become enthusiastic about learning. Feel free to bring your family.





What You Need


1 child $10/hr

2 children $15/hr

3 children $20/hr

4 children $25/hr

How it works:

Must be registered in advanced to book the spot.

How to book:

Text to see if the spot is open.  Pay at the time of booking through Google Pay.

Building a Robot
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