Learning Through Play





The Best Blend to Fit Every Need


I will give you tips on how to help your child adapt and be successful in a virtual program. 

A Blend Of:

1. Circle Time on Zoom


Monday - Friday

9 am PST 


2 pm PST

Circle time can last for up to an hour

depending on the activities.

Circle Time can include:

* Calendar / Weather

* Show and Tell / Sharing

* Stories

* Music and Movement

* Educational videos

* Projects / Class Activity

* Field Trips

* Virtual concerts

2. Socialization


a. Virtual playdates with classmates

on Facebook Messenger Kids by appointment.


b. Virtual one on one video chats with Ms. Maureen 

for personalized learning plan adjusting.

Talk to Ms. Maureen via voice/video message on Facebook Messenger Kids.

c. Learn about essential social skills

through over 80 mini books.

3. Personalized Learning

We save time by teaching children only the standards

they still need to know. 

Referencing  assessment results, I develop a personalized learning video for your child. It's like they have a classroom made just for them. Best of all, you can play the daily recording while your child is eating, while you're working, or any time that's convenient for your family. Pre-recordings get updated as your child retains more knowledge.

4. Self Paced and Mostly

Child Directed

There are over a dozen learning activities which your child will do at their own pace, including GetEpic and ABCmouse. Your child will get to pick one activity from your 2-3 choices (at a time), and decide how long they would like to work on them for. Ideally, children will work on academics for 1 hour/day. This may include, or be in addition to, a half hour of the personalized learning video which they will do first. Even though children practice for just an hour/day, children learn a lot. Kindergarten teachers have praised my program because of the effectiveness of this method. It's totally worth it, so don't miss out!

See what we do.



What You Need


1 child $8/hr

2 children $12/hr

3 children $15/hr

4 children $18/hr

Transportation: 57.5 cents/mile, including when I leave or come back to my home without your children.

How it works:

Must be registered in advanced to book the spot.

How to book:

Text to see if the spot is open.  Pay at the time of booking through Google Pay. 





A Perfect Fit

3 Options:

1. Drop Off - Drop off your child each day

2. Parent Participation - Work one day/week, or volunteer on an as needed basis on a barter arrangement.

3. Parent and Child - Shadow your child to provide the extra support they may need or like.

Days TBD

Two hours of personalized learning, group learning, and learning through play. One hour of playing at the public playground with your family, your friends, and their families. #buildingstrongcommunities

Personalized Learning -

Each child receives a personalized learning plan. We don't want children wasting their time "learning" skills they already know. Learning is concise and efficient.


Parent/Caregiver Presence -

Parents/Caregivers will be involved in their child's journey. This extra support for their child makes a world of difference. Plus, it's also fun for the adults. :)

Indoor Play -

Take advantage with the variety of toys we have to offer. It's more fun to play with toys (and learn from toys) with friends. I do observations at times to see how children are learning and growing. I see what I need to teach.

Outdoor Play -

We visit Elk Grove's amazing parks. Children are happy and excited to visit the different parks with their friends.

  Field Trips -

We attend a variety of field trips on any weekday or weekend. Exploring and experiencing at field trips is a great way for children to learn, and become enthusiastic about learning. Feel free to bring your family.





What You Need


1 child $10/hr

2 children $15/hr

3 children $20/hr

4 children $25/hr

How it works:

Must be registered in advanced to book the spot.

How to book:

Text to see if the spot is open.  Pay at the time of booking through Google Pay.

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